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A typical hand-soldered PCB - in this case for a motor control application. Note the substantial inductor and heat sink. These are secured to the PCB so as not to strain the soldered joints.

A printed circuit board produced and populated by Cranfield Electrical Ltd.

Cranfield Electrical enjoys a solid reputation for precision, hand-soldering excellence.

Can we put our skill and experience to work on your application?

Read about our quality work for British hi-fi maker Rega.

The strands of conductors in the thinnest wires are not much thicker than a human hair! Delicate hand-soldering ensures a reliable joint.

Delicate hand-soldering of signal wires in this assembly results in a reliable connection and low losses.

Our soldered assemblies are fully RoHS compliant - i.e. the solder and components are free from lead and other potentially harmful substances.

Lead-free soldering demands higher temperatures and can lead to weaker joints.

Here at Cranfield Electrical Ltd., however, we have the skill and experience to deliver reliable lead-free soldering.

RoHS legislation has meant that lead-based solder is banned from many electrical products. Cranfield Electrical Ltd now uses only lead-free solders, yet has maintained the quality and consistency demanded by its customers.

High quality hand-soldered phono cables provide the perfect link between hi-fi source components and amplifiers.