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Rega manufactures between 700-800 turntables a month.

British hi-fi maker Rega has a reputation among audiophiles for specialist, high quality, high-performance products.

Established in 1973, the company started out making turntables. Now based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, its operations continue to grow and its product range also includes loudspeakers, CD players, amplifiers and tuners. These are exported around the world.

For over 30 years, the Rega name has been synonymous with turntables. These combine outstanding musical sound with quality, reliability and value-for-money across the range.

Since 1983, Rega’s turntable tonearm designs have been built here in the UK, collecting design awards for casting, and pioneering materials such as solid tungsten balance weights.

Around 50 tonearms are produced every day at the Rega factory, using a specialist headshell wiring loom assembled by Cranfield Electrical.

“We’ve been working with Cranfield for about seven years," explained Rega’s company co-ordinator Phil Freeman.

“They do a very tricky job for us, providing a special and unique product, involving very fine, detailed and small work.”

Rega tonearms are built with support from Cranfield Electrical Ltd., which carries out very fine, detailed and small headhshell assembly work.

“For around 15 years, one woman here at Rega used to assemble all the headshell wiring. She was incredibly skilled and very fast but when she retired, we had to find someone else to do the job for us," explained Phil.

“We’re used to combing the UK, Europe, or wherever to find the right suppliers. And Cranfield, were recommended to us. Once they’d mastered the job, have just got on with it. We’ve had no issues with quality or quantity – they’re the ideal trading partner."

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