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Cranfield Electrical Ltd has been producing gas ignition leads and ionisation detection cables for many years. It does so on behalf of O.E.M. customers in the heating industry, as well as for specialist firms in the high-technology sector.

We keep stocks of a variety of PTFE and silicone insulated cable types (including our own brand of interference suppression cable for ignition purposes), as well as a wide variety of suitable high-temperature terminals, silicone boots, sleeving and heat shrink materials.

Please contact our friendly staff or technical sales team the next time you are looking for ionisation / flame detection cabling.

Flame detection or ionisation lead featuring high-temperature silicone insulated nickel-plated conductors, special silicone boot and high temperature connector

Cranfield Electrical Ltd supplies many OEMs of gas products with both ignition and flame detection (ionisation) cables.

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