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We print hundreds of thousands of identification sleevings annually. These can display a single digit, or a complete logo.

Cranfield Electrical Ltd can print on a wide variety of polymers, such as vinyl (PVC) and polyolefin heat-shrink tubings.

We can also print on flat self-adhesive polyester label stock or other materials. We have printed company logos, warning labels and even electrical wiring diagrams in this way.

Please ask about our printing capabilities.

A typical rugged-cable-assembly with high-visibility-cable-markers in zero-halogen (LSZH, halogen-free, or LS0H) material. Custom-printed by Cranfield Electrical Ltd. Solvent, grease and oil-resistant print. Tough, abrasion-resistant label-stock.

This is an example of a rugged cable assembly featuring high-visibility oil and greas-resistant printing on low smoke, halogen-free and high-visibility polyolefin heat-shrink label stock.

The photograph shows typical heat-shrink markers used to identify a cable harness or in this case a flexible-mains-lead.

Please contact us at Cranfield Electrical Ltd with your labelling requirements.

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