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RAST-2.5-plugs are cost-effective IDC (Insulation-Displacement-Crimp) connectors used extensively for equipment wiring applications. Cranfield Electrical Ltd is experienced in producing RAST-2.5-Cable-Assemblies

A typical RAST-2.5 Cable Assembly for a domestic appliance application.

Cranfield Electrical produces thousands of RAST 2.5 Assemblies every year.

These compact IDC terminal-blocks fit directly onto the wires and once pressed, the tines pierce the wire insulation to make the contact.

RAST-2.5's are so called because the pitch between circuits is 2.5mm.

These compact RAST connectors provide a straightforward solution for PCB Card-Edge applications.

Another important feature of the RAST-2.5 (and RAST-5) housings is the vast variety of keying, locking and polarising options that the terminal-blocks can feature.

This can be important where there are numerous housings on an individual end of a cable-loom.

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