Lead making and kitting

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Cranfield Electrical supplies many electrical and electronic OEMs for appliance wiring or equipment wiring. The leads can be supplied with single wires or as complete kits.

Need a lead for a high-precision project such as instrumentation or transducers? We make leads using wires in the range of 0.008mm2 transducers.

0.22mm2 is the usual size for a lead for automatic termination. If your application needs a different cross-sectional area, we can work with leads up to 2.5mm2.

Finishes include part-stripped, dip-tinned, window-stripped or terminated.

Pull-off values are always obtained for leads before dispatch.

International Standards for Lead Making
Leads can be made to meet different international standards, including British, European and UL/CSA. The specification depends on the rating and the materials used.

Leads can be produced in materials including PVC, silicone rubber, PTFE and glass-braid. We also make leads using "exotic cables" such as cross link polyfin insulated.

Samples can be made to your specification for your approval. Call us to discuss your project needs.