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We're here to help you obtain electrical products such as wiring harnesses and looms, and electrical assemblies, on-time and with the minimal fuss.

Call us for advice, a quotation or to place an order, and one of our team will be here to talk to you in person. We don't have an army of telephone operators in a call-centre hundreds of miles away. We do have friendly, attentive professionals here to assist you in buying great products and delivering fantastic service.

Here are the key people you'll be talking to at Cranfield. If they can't give you an answer straight away, they'll find out and call you back.

Gill Fletcher

Gill's duties are many and varied but generally she's your first contact with Cranfield. She's been with us since 1999 and knows all our clients. As office administrator, she's the lady to talk to about progressing orders and paying the bills!

Gregory Colton

Gregory joined the company in 2000 and is our Technical Sales Manager. He deals with new enquiries, seeing them through into sampling and production. He also deals with technical queries. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Loughborough.

Roger Samels, our Managing Director
Roger Samels

He may be our Managing Director, but Roger's hands-on approach keeps him close to our customer base. Since he joined in 1979, as a trainee manager, he's done just about every job in the company, including driving the delivery van. His father Reg was one of the company founders, in 1959.

Arc D'Epiro

As production manager, it's Arc's job to run the Cranfield plant day-to-day. A qualified electrician, Arc's been with us since 2000. Together with his team of 14 staff, he's ultimately responsible for getting orders out to clients on time.

Maria Clarke, our Quality Manager
Maria Clarke

Our Quality Manager, Maria Clarke, is an experienced and thorough member of the team. She spearheaded our successful project to gain BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approval, and overhauled existing company procedures & standards for the 21st century. Maria ensures that QA issues are dealt with effectively.