Wiring Harnesses for Moving Assemblies

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The harness pictured is for a process-control-machine that features  cameras mounted on moving-heads that scan images of products as they pass. Software then determines whether the images conform to the required standards. The wiring-loom must also move.

The image shows a harness where portions are within lengths of energy chain.

This provides a neat route for the cable-assembly, flexibility and protection from damage.

Cranfield Electrical Ltd has over fifty years' experience producing wiring for machinery - including harnesses where flexibility and movement are key attributes.

Whether you need electrical wiring assemblies for robots, sensors or process-equipment, please contact us with your requirements - we are always ready to help.

Articulated-Energy-Chain protects the wiring-harness or cable-loom from damage, whilst enabling it to flex. This flexibility of the wires is important in applications such as robotics or moving process equipment.

A close up of an articulated section of chain. The cabling for the appliance is routed within the chain. The wiring is thus protected, but still free to move with the armature of the device.

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