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Cranfield Audio Speaker Cables Feature Best Quality Gold Plated Banana Plugs For Lowest Losses

Banana Plugs are the standard connector found on High-Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Amplifiers and Loud-Speakers.

Drawing on 55 years worth of production skill, know-how and technology, Cranfield Electrical Ltd produce the best possible, lowest loss connections on behalf of Cranfield Audio.

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Wire-End Termination for Lamp-holders - Nice Push-Fit

The lighting industry uses push-fit terminals in lamp-holders. Cranfield Electrical Ltd provides the most cost-effective termination for this application.

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Cranfield Electrical Ltd - Celebrates Over A Decade With RAST Connectors

Cranfield Electrical Ltd - of Bedfordshire - have now been making electrical wiring harnesses with IDC (insulation displacement crimp) RAST terminal housings since 1994. Trust CEL's experience when it comes to your next RAST / IDC cable loom.

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Cranfield Audio Establishes New Demonstration Room

Cranfield Electrical's sister company - Cranfield Audio Ltd prepares for 2014 with an exciting new home-cinema and high-end hi-fi demonstration room.

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Cranfield Audio Ltd launches its website

Cranfield Audio Ltd - sister company of Cranfield Electrical Ltd, went live on 11/11/11 at 11:11! This auspicious event was celebrated by M.D., Roger Samels, along with his employees at the company's headquarters in Kempston...

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Cranfield Electrical ISO9001:2008 Re-Certification

Cranfield Electrical was first ISO 9001:2008 Certified in 2009, by NQA. This was due to expire in 2012, so after a successful visit from NQA's auditor, CEL has been re-accredited to the standard.

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Cranfield Electrical Ltd Expands Premises with New Mezzanine Floor

Early in 2010 company M.D., Roger Samels, took the decision to expand the facilities of our electrical wiring harness production factory at Cranfield Electrical Ltd, in Kempston. The first phase of this involved piling down more than 6m and erecting a steel mezzanine floor. This work is now complete, and will benefit our customers...

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Cranfield Audio Ltd - registers a European Trade Mark

Here is some copy

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Cranfield Electrical Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Registration

Cranfield Electrical gained ISO 9001:2008 Registration on 23rd January 2009.

Quality Manager Maria Clarke says: "'s all about trust" - find out why below.

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