DC Jack Leads and Battery Packs

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Detail of a battery pack featuring 9V style - PP3 - battery terminals and a DC jack Plug

Jack plugs and sockets often come in 2.1mm or 2.5mm sizes. However, we can make leads using whichever connectors best suit your requirements.

Many electronic circuits, LED lighting arrays and indicators, require low-voltage DC power. This may be provided from the mains, via a transformer and rectifier, or from a battery pack.

If the transformer or battery pack is remotely located from the components then a DC lead will be required to connect them to the power supply.

The leads may be hard-wired, or feature DC jack plugs and sockets, or battery terminals.

Cranfield Electrical can produce the transformer, battery box and DC leads to complete your product.

Alternatively we can supply any individual item you need to suit the existing parts of your low-voltage DC application.