LED Assemblies

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Cranfield Electrical Ltd can provide a custom-made solution to your LED requirements at an affordable price.

Your application may be relatively simple - for example an LED indicator showing the presence of mains power, or an LED illuminating to indicate that a circuit is energised.

Alternatively you may require arrays of LEDs for lighting projects - typically using high-flux white LEDs.

Perhaps your application demands extreme high-brightness LEDs to produce an eye-catching display. Examples include point-of-sale lighting used to highlight products on display.

Whatever your application, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

White LED strip 500mm long using high-brightness surface mounted LEDs. High light output and consistency and high reliability characterise all our LED PCB strips.

A white LED strip for a decorative lighting application. We can supply strips in many colours and to suit specific decorative lighting requirements. Our LED strips are of the highest quality, reliable and consistent. With proper thermal design and manufactured to exacting standards.