Gas Ignition Leads

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The image shows a PTFE gas ignition lead, given further electrical, mechanical and thermal insulation by a layer of woven glass sleeving.

Spark ignition cables demand materials with high di-electric strengths. This prevents the insulation from breaking down.

They usually also need to be heat-resistant, and may need additional mechanical protection from the rigours of harsh environments.

We supply OEMs in the heating sector with spark ignition leads. These are used in a range of appliances, principally gas fires and boilers.

Factors such as the operating voltage, temperature and protection from mechanical damage govern the materials to be used.

Another important consideration may be introducing a suitable resistance to dissipate or suppress electro-magnetic interference.

Cranfield Electrical offer a range of suitable cables with copper or carbon conductors and insulation materials such as silicone rubber, woven glass and PTFE.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

Gas ignition leads provide the vital link between spark generator and burner ignitor in many gas-fired appliances.

The conductors of the ignition lead are insulated with thick silicone rubber. The terminal at the burner end is housed in a silicone moulding to offer excellent di-electric strength, temperature resistance and mechanical strength.

Gas ignition lead in silicone rubber insulated copper: note the moulded silicone boot over the copper terminal.