Marker Sleeves

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We can supply your requriements for heat-shrink markers and labels. Materials include polyolefin and PVC in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios. We also offer self-adhesive labels which can include custom graphics and incrementing data fields.

Heat-shrink marker sleeves fitted onto mains cables.

Save time, money and effort by letting us print your marker sleeves.

Heat-shrink marker sleeves

We offer a range of sizes in commercial grade polyolefin: 3.2mm unshrunk inner diameter, 2:1 is typical.

We also offer superior grade 3:1 white polyolefin markers from stock.

These are marked with black print.

Alternatively, we can supply other materials to special order.

Self-adhesive labels

CEL produce wrap-around, self-laminating markers. These are especially suitable for marking bundles of wires in wiring harnesses.

Self-adhesive labels
We also print vinyl labels, which are useful for asset marking. These can be customised to include the text and graphics of your choice.

Please phone or email for a quotation.

Commercial grade polyolefin cable markers, heat-shrunk onto wires

CEL can supply standard or specialist markers for cables, harnesses, panels, or your specific application.